breeding quality Rough-coat Collies
              in Adelaide, South Australia

              Collieston was established in 1997 and is situated in Myrtle Bank,  an inner suburb of Adelaide,
                  on a little over a quarter of an acre, where the dogs live as house-pets with free outside access,
      and are exercised at least daily in the parks and gardens that characterise the city's south-eastern suburbs.

           Our breeding stock, primarily our girls, have been bred, selected, and socialised with an emphasis on
            temperament, as well as physical balance and beauty to create a line of good-looking, good-natured
             and intelligent pets of' 'show quality', but more importantly, sound healthy quality companions. 
      Our aim is that these working dogs should indeed be able to work, not necessarily in the traditional skills
       of sheep-herding, given Australia's climate, but in some field of activity that allows them to develop their
 potential for teamwork with their handler, while maintaining the breed standard criteria for beauty and dignity.    
        We concentrate on producing well-coloured and marked Sables, and shaded Sables, with some Tri-colour
     input for depth of shading when appropriate.  
     We have a very personal breeding 'program', producing puppies only every two or three years, when we know
  each puppy is already wanted and appreciated, and     we're looking to add to and strengthen our own family lines.

                       RO Ch. Collieston Rhythm and Rhyme CDX AD JD GD SD SPD FS.I HTM.I  ( a.k.a. 'Rowan' )



                    Contact Information
                                                           Julie Brown
                                                         Phone : 0422 251 844
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